Aviagen has an unrivaled global supply network, with wholly owned production facilities on five continents. This enables the company to ensure that our global customer base can receive a consistent supply of top quality breeding stock, even in times of trade restrictions or other challenges.

We have invested significantly in recent years to locate production facilities close to our key markets. We now have over 260 production facilities and 27 commercial hatcheries around the world that work continuously to provide Aviagen stock to customers in over 100 countries. With pedigree programs in the US and UK, supported by great grandparent operations in Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, mainland Europe and India, customers can be assured that they will receive top-quality genetic stock from the most suitable supply location available.

Supplying our customers with the best quality chicks and making sure those chicks arrive safely and efficiently is our top priority and this involves transportation across many geographically dispersed locations. From the time the chicks are in the hatchery to the time they arrive at the customer’s farms, our goal is to make sure the process of delivery is efficient, safe, and dependable.

Security of Supply

globalsupply 800x534Continual investment in our facilities is part of our core strategy to ensure that the birds we produce are of the highest possible standard. In recent years we have spent millions of dollars on our global facilities, including:

  • Building Europe’s largest parent stock hatchery in Germany
  • Refurbishment and expansion of our European hatchery network, including a state-of-the-art hatchery in Russia
  • Expanding the European farming base with new farm builds and extending existing facilities right across the continent
  • Building and maintaining the world’s cleanest feedmill in the USA
  • Building Aviagen India, one of the best and most modern facilities in Asia
  • Purchasing and upgrading operations in Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Expanding production capacity by 60% in Australia


Aviagen is leading the way in the security of supply. In the United Kingdom, Aviagen was the first poultry breeder in the world to achieve compartment status for all its facilities, paving the way for the compartmentalization concept to become a global reality. More recently, Aviagen has gained compartment status for its facilities in the US and Brazil, further enhancing security of supply.

PHoto of biosecurity foot powder procedureThe World Organization for Animal Health created the concept of compartmentalization in an effort to ensure security of supply to customers during a disease outbreak in the exporting country. The biosecurity level of facilities such as farms and hatcheries are independently assessed and those facilities with the most stringent processes in place that meet the criteria are certified as disease-free compartments and are allowed to continue exporting live birds even if a disease is detected elsewhere in the country.

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